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Glossary of Silver Antiques

Argyll (argyle)
Gravy warmer with two compartments, one for gravy, one for hot water
a decorative motif, small relief hemispheres resembling beeds.
not a continuous line but a succession of small gouges made at an oblique angle that produces a shimmering effect. A form of engraving.
decoration in the form of a scroll of paper with curling edges.
Specific parts of silver ornamentation such as handles, spouts, feet, finials, hinges, and silver fittings for wooden handles are usually cast. Molten silver is poured into a sand mold in which the pattern has been made using a wooden or brass model.
decorating by handwork on the front surface of metal by indenting it using a hammer and different shaped tracing tools.  Technique is coarser than engraving.  Blurred image is seen on the underside of metal. High relief chasing is popularly called repousse, low relief chasing is often called flat chasing. No metal is removed.
bowl on a central column for candies, nuts, fruit
creating a repoussé look with machine operation
engraving and decorating of continuous, encircling, and contiguous groves, usually a wavy pattern.  An engine-turning lathe was used to produce the design, hence the term.  Technique often used on silver boxes made in middle to late 18th century. 
decorating of metal from the front by incising lines, characters, etc.  Often used for monograms and commemorative inscriptions. Some of the metal is removed and the sub-surface remains smooth.
decorating of metal surface by use of acids. 
A decorative pitcher, with a base, an oval body, and a flaring spout
decoration on metalware made using fine wire, plain or twisted, and formed into a delicate, intricate, designs of foliate or geometric form. 
a pouring vessel, tall, cylindrical, single formed handle, hinged lid with finial and thumb piece, no lip or spout.
Flat chasing
a mode of ornamenting silverware with dots and lines created with a punching tool, resulting design is low relief.  Unlike with engraving, no metal is lost.
an ornamental concave decoration, parallel or converging groves, the opposite is reeding.
ornamental convex decoration consisting of short, repetitive sections of reeding  "gadroons"
Gold-wash (gold-electroplate)
less than 5% gold bonded thinly to base metal.
Pepper caster
looks like a salt caster but has smaller holes in the lid, in a set there can be two, one each for black pepper and cayenne pepper.
a block or slab on which a pedestal, column is placed.
relief ornamentation in the form parallel narrow convex moldings (reeds). Opposite is fluting.
decorating style where relieve is achieved by hand hammering metal plate by the back to raise the design on the front. 
circular tray without handles
Satin finish
dull surface on a silver article made by a rotating wire wheel which makes tiny scratches to create the effect.   Also called a butler's finish.
salver supported by a central pedestal

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