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Historical Date Timeline

1801   Thomas Jefferson becomes the third President of U.S.

1809   James Madison becomes the President of the U.S.

1810   Britannia was first made in America in about 1810

1812   War 1812-1814 between Britain and United States of America

1817   James Madison becomes President of the U.S.

1825   John Quincy Adams becomes President of the U.S.

1829   Andrew Jackson becomes President of the U.S.

1831   Samuel Francis Smith wrote "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" (America)

1833   Formation of the Whig Party, Lincoln was a Whig Congressman

1836   Patent numbering system began on July 13, 1836


1836   Cairns & Brother first introduce the New Yorker Firefighters Helmet
           Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) publishes book “Nature”

1837   Martin Van Buren becomes the President of the U.S.
           Hall, Elton & Co. organized

1839   First known appearance of “OK” in print, Boston’s Morning Post 3/23

1840   Elkington & Co., Ltd. (Birmingham) began electroplating
           Reed & Barton founded

1841   Alexander Bain creates and patents the first electric clock , January 11th
           William Henry Harrison becomes President of the U.S.
           John Tyler becomes President of the U.S.

1842   First surgical use of ether anesthesia

1843   Crowles & Company began electroplating

1845   James Polk becomes President of the U.S.
           Florida and Texas join the Union
           The U.S. Naval Academy opened on October 10th

1846   Mexican-American war begins April 25, ends February 1848
           Mead & Son began electroplating

1847   Roger Brothers began electroplating flatware

1848   Reed & Barton began electroplating
           Wisconsin joins the Union

1849   Henry David Thoreau publishes “Civil Disobedience”
           Zachary Taylor becomes President of the U.S.

1850   Millard Fillmore becomes President of the U.S.

1850   California joins the Union

1850s   The British sterling standard was adopted by Gorham, Tiffany, and others

1850 - 1910 was the period of great silver presentation pieces

1851   Herman Melville publishes “Moby Dick”

1852   Meriden Britannia Company formed
           Harriet Beecher Stowe publishes "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

1853   Franklin Pierce becomes President of the U.S.
           The Crystal Palace Exhibition in New York, 1st US international fair
           Tiffany & Co., Inc. began electroplating

1855   Meriden Britannia Co. began electroplating Nickel Silver

1857   James Buchanan becomes President of the U.S.

1858   Molding of screw threads into glass
           Double valve pouring lip appears on water pitchers

1859   Glass became an important component of many center pieces
           America’s first oil well drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania
           London’s Big Ben rings for the first time
           Minnesota joins the Union

1859   Charles Darwin publishes "On the Origin of Species"

1860   April 3, inaugural run of the Pony Express

1861   Abraham Lincoln becomes President of the U.S.
           Civil War begins
           Kansas joins the Union
           Congress passes first income tax (Revenue Act), 3%
           Gorham dropped coin standard, adopted sterling standard

1862   1847 Rogers Bros." trademark introduced by Meriden
           Louis Pasteur & Claude Bernard complete the 1st Pasteurization Test (April 20)

1863   Abraham Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address on November 19
           Jules Verne break-out novel: Five Weeks in a Balloon
           First Congressional Medals of Honor awarded to six Union Volunteers
           U.S. Post Office began free home-delivery service
           Thanksgiving Day becomes a national holiday
           Homan Manufacturing began electroplating
           West Virginia joins the Union

1864  "In God We Trust" 1st appears on our coins, the two cent coin
           Nevada joins the Union

1865   Andrew Johnson becomes President of the U.S.
           Gorham began electroplating
           Civil War ends
           Animal heads, legs, feet often used as supports 1865-1870

1866   Japan began trade with the west
           John Styth Pemberton invented Coca-Cola on May 8
           American Soc. for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Chartered April 10
           Completion of first transatlantic cable to connect Europe and America

1867   Nebraska joins the Union
           Wilcox Silver Plate Company began electroplating
           Invention of the typewriter by Christopher Sholes, QWERTY keyboard

1868   Admiral Perry arrives in Japan
           1st Traffic Light, a revolving gas lantern with red & green lights, London

1869   Ulysses S. Grant becomes President of the U.S.
           Transcontinental railroad completed May 10
           First Periodic Table developed by Dmitri Mendeleev
           The Inauguration of the Suez Canal November 17, 1869
           The Stuyvesant became New York City’s 1st apartment building
           First toothpick-manufacturing machine was developed by Charles Forster

1870   Watchmakers & Jewelers Guild 1870-1892
           2 Doves on a hand  or  "US Guild"
           Atlantic City in New Jersey opens nation’s first beach board walk

1871   The Great Chicago Fire, 300 people killed, 100,000 people left homeless
           Barnum’s 1st 3-ring circus, J. Bailey became a partner 10 years later

1872   A machine manufacturing toothpicks was patented on February 20
           Luther Crowell given a patent for a paper bag manufacturing machine

1873   Derby Silver Company organized
           San Francisco launched and operated the first cable car, August 2

1874   Grand Opening of America’s First Zoo in Philadelphia on July 1st

1875   First Kentucky Derby on May 17th

1876   Colorado joins the Union
           The first major baseball league was established; the National League
           Battle of the Little Bighorn, (aka Custer's Last Stand) June 25 and June 26
           Adventures of Tom Sawyer published by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

1877   Thomas Edison invention: the first phonograph
           Rutherford B. Hayes becomes President of the U.S.
           R. Wallace and Sons began electroplating
           1st national strike in America the “Great Uprising”, railroad workers

1878   The world's first successful oil tanker was the Russian "Zoroaster"
           First telephone book issued, New Haven Connecticut

1879   Figural napkin rings introduced, popularity peaked 1886
           Echo Farms Dairy introduced milk bottles in New York

1880   Pairpoint Manufacturing Company (1880-1929)
           Union General Lewis Wallace publishes Ben-Hur (November 12)

1881   James Garfield becomes President of the U.S.
           Chester Arthur becomes President of the U.S.
           Shootout at the O.K. Corral, October 26, Wyatt Earp and the Clantons

1882   Holmes & Edwards Silver Company organized

1883   Metropolitan Opera House in New York opens October 22
           Brooklyn Bridge opens May 24th
           Mount Krakatoa erupts

1885   Adventures of Huckleberry Finn published by Samuel Clemens
           First Issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine, May 2

1885   Grover Clevland becomes President of the U.S.
           Butler's finish first appeared.

1887   Susanna Salter becomes nation’s first female mayor, Argonia Kansas

1889   Birthdays: Charlie Chaplin April 16; Adolf Hitler April 20
           N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Montana, and Washington join the Union
           First electric drill invented by Arthur J. Arnot and William Blanch Brain
           The twenty-four-sheet highway billboard is introduced
           Benjamin Harrison becomes President of the U.S.

1890   Idaho and Wyoming join the Union
           First Army Navy Football Game November 29

1890s   Souvenir spoon collecting became popular.

1891   US Import Law, County of origin now indicated

1892   Barbour Silver Company organized
           Jeweler's Crown Guild 1892-1900
           The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis Bellamy
           The first virus is discovered: Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
           Crowned superimposed with words "Crown" & "Guild"

1893   Grover Cleveland becomes President of the U.S.
           Poole Silver Company founded   
           Edvard Munch paints “The Scream”

1894   Forbes Silver Company organized

1895  German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered x-rays

1896  Utah joins the Union
          First Sears & Roebuck catalog
          Meriden Britannia ceased using term "quadruple/triple" plate.

1897  Joseph John Thompson announces discovery of the electron
          William McKinley becomes President of the U.S.
          Irish Author Bram Stoker’s publishes Dracula

1898   Spanish-American War
           International Silver Co. incorporated 1898.

1898   Meriden Britannia Company became part of  INSCO.

1899   Introduction of Liberty's Celtic revival
           First Hague Conference outlines the laws of war and war crimes
           Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone” is born

1900   Casey Jones, Illinois Central Railroad Engineer, becomes legend

1901   Theodore Roosevelt becomes President of the U.S.
           Karl Landsteiner discovers there are human blood types
           Annie Edson Taylor was first person to barrel ride over Niagara Falls

1902  First US Automat (waiter-less restaurant) opens in Philadelphia

1903   First Silent Movie, The Great Train Robbery (1903): Thomas Edison
           First westerns, Kit Carson and the Pioneers are shot
           Ex-cavalryman, Frank Hanaway, becomes the movies first stuntman
           Wright brothers' first successful flying machine, December 17

1904  "Peter Pan: The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up" opens in London

1906   U.S. stamping act of 1906
           Great San Francisco Earthquake April 18th, 5:12 AM

1907   Oklahoma joins the Union
           Union Station in Washington, D.C. opens
           Swift and Company began mass producing wrapped stick butter
           Foundation stone of Washington National Cathedral laid on Sept. 29th

1908   Take Me Out To the Ball Game written by Jack Norworth
           Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts

1909   Lincoln one-cent coin made its initial appearance
           William H. Taft becomes President of the U.S.
           Benny Goodman is born

1912   April 14, 11:40 p.m. R.M.S.TITANIC strikes an iceberg off Newfoundland
           Discontinuance of "Quadruple Plate" references
           New Mexico and Arizona join the Union
           Electric blanket was invented in 1912 by physician Sidney I. Russell
           Massachusetts enacted the country's first minimum-wage law
           Juliette Low founded Girl Scouts

1913   Woodrow Wilson becomes President of the U.S.
           Ford Motor introduces first moving assembly line for the Model T
           First known published crossword puzzle, December 21
           Sixteenth Amendment ratified, Income Taxes

1914   World War I begins 1914-1919  (US enters war in 1917)
           Panama Canal complex of locks opens for shipping
           The death of the last passenger pigeon, once a common bird species 09/01

1915   British passenger ship Lusitania is torpedoed by a German submarine

1916   President Wilson created the National Park Service August 25, 1916

1917   Pacifist Jeannette Rankin became first woman elected to the U.S. Congress
           Father Flangan founds a home for orphans, this soon evolved in to Boys Town

1918   Passage of the Standard Time Act establishing time zones in U.S.
           120,000 Americans were killed or wounded in the Meuse-Argonne campaign

1919   Eighteenth Amendment to US Constitution, January 16 - Prohibition
           World Series: Chicago White Soxs threw series, Reds Win

1920   First Game of the newly formed National Negro Baseball League
           Babe Ruth becomes baseballs first bona fide celebrity
           Charles Ponzi synonymous with financial scams, begins his scam in Boston
           Nineteenth Amendment is ratified giving women the right to vote

1921   Warren Harding becomes President of the U.S.
           Sept. 7th, Margaret Gorman a petite 16 year old is crowned the first Miss USA
           Barbour Silver Co. half circle trademark 1st used

1922   Emily Post releases her 692-page book Etiquette, it comes a best seller
           The first 3-D feature film Power of Love" is released

1923   Calvin Coolidge becomes President of the U.S.
           Bubble Gum invented by Walter E. Diemer
           Calvin Coolidge was the first President to light a national Christmas tree

1924   Johnny Weissmuller wins 3 gold metals in the Paris Olympics, becomes Tarzan

1925   Harold Grays comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" makes it debut
           The debut of the first air conditioned theater Rivoli Theater ion Broadway
           The Novel The Great Gatsby is published buy auther F. Scott Fitzgerald

1926   Oneida Community Limited began producing silver plated holloware
           Quaker Silver Co., Inc. (1926-1959)
           Renames his WSM Barn Dance show the "The Grand Ole Opry"
           August 23, "the world's greatest lover" Rudolph Valentino died of Pleurisy

1927   Reed and Barton year marks available 1928-1957
           Charles Lindbergh flies non-stop New York-Paris in Spirit of St. Louis
           The first talkie feature length film 'The Jazz Singer' - October 6th
           Musical "Show Boat" opens at Ziegfeld Theater in New York
           The Holland Tunnel between New York and New Jersey opens
           First animated film with successful sound track Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse

1929   Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15, 1929
           Herbert Hoover becomes President of the U.S.
           First year for Oscars
           Black Tuesday, Greatest Stock Market Crash in History
           St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Capone's attempt to kill George (Bugs) Moran

1930   Bobby Jones first person to win the Grand Slam of Golf

1931   “The Star –Spangled Banner” was named America’s National Anthem

1932   Hattie Caraway first woman elected to the US Senate

1933   Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes President of the U.S.
           The Tennessee Valley Authority federally owned corporation created
           The New Deal a series of economic programs enacted in the U.S.
           Franklin D. Roosevelt initiates the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
           May 4, Roosevelt spoke: "the only thing we have to fear is fear itelf".
           Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Glass–Steagall Act

1934   Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, were killed in Louisiana on May 23
           First National Soap Box Derby in the United States, Dayton, Ohio
           Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is created
           The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is created

1935   National Labor Relations Act enacted protecting the rights workers

1936   Henry Phillips, invented Phillips head screws
           First issue of Life Magazine is published
           How to Win Friends and Influence People published by Dale Carnegie
           "Jesse" Owens wins four gold medals in the Summer Olympics in Berlin

1937   Crash of the Hindenburg in Lakehurst, May 6, 7:23 P.M.

1939   Food stamps program introduced May 16
           Film "Wuthering Heights" By Sam Goldwyn released
           Lou Gehrig, Pride of the Yankees, played his last game
           April 30th, 1st US President to appear of television, Franklin D. Rossevelt
           Debut of FM radio, July 18, W2XMN began first commercial broadcast
           World War II begins 1939-1945

1940   American Retiree Ida Mae Fuller received the first Social Security check

1941   7:55 A.M., December 7th, Japanese warplanes attack Pearl Harbor

1944   The Servicemen's Readjustment Act, call the GI Bill passed

1946   It's a Wonderful Life an American Christmas drama film



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