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Silver Fox Antiques

Quality & Restored Antique Silver pieces for sale, along with resources to learn more about their history.

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Silver Restoration

We have many of our pieces restored before offering them for sale. Replating silverplated items is simply returning them to their original condition and only adds to their value.

Silverplate pieces were designed using base metals that accommodate replating.Through restoration the history of our country and the artistry of master silversmiths are passed on to future generations.

The key to restoration is finding a gifted silversmith who is able to fabricate missing parts and repair dents, legs and mounts such that the piece is restored to its original condition. Learn More...

Weight Conversion

In 1527, Henry VIII made the troy system official for coinage; thereafter silver shillings weighed exactly 0.6 troy ounce. Troy weights continued in common use in pharmacy and monetary affairs into the early twentieth century. Learn More...

Silver Dating Guides

Piece & Period Dating Guides: Style dates are not absolute, overlap in periods and influences always occur. These guides may be helpful in determining the circa in which a piece was produced.

View Period Silver Dating Guide

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View Tea Pot Shapes Guide

View Silver Piece Dating Guide

View Metals and Standards Guide

View Silver Companies Guide


"Silver Fox Antiques" For Sale:

More than 200 pieces of quality American Silverplate from 1840-1940. Includes content for website and marketing including professional product photographs, extensive reference library, and much more. Contact us today for more information.



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