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Our Library

Below are the titles we use as a reference for our own personal library of resources on Silver Antiques:

Bingham, Don and Bingham, Joan.  Tuttle Dictionary of Antiques & Collectable Terms.
Boston: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1992. (ISBN 0-8048-1756-1)

Bly, John. Miller's Silver & Sheffield Plate Marks.
London: Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd. 1993. (ISBN 1-85732-096-4)

Burke, James H. The Warner Collector’s Guide to American Sterling Silver and Silver-Plated Hollowware.
New York: Warner Books, Inc. 1982 (ISBN 0-446-97634-2)

Carpenter, Charles. Gorham Silver 1831-1981.
New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1982. (ISBN 0-396-08068-5)

Carpenter, Charles. Gorham Silver 1831-1981. Revision of 1982 edition.
San Francisco: Alan Wofsy Fine Arts, 1997. (ISBN 1-55660-244-8)

Delieb, Eric. Silver Boxes. New York: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1968.
(Library of Congress Card No. 68-31838)

Ettinger, Roseann. Antique Dresser Sets 1890s – 1950s.
Atglen: Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2005. (ISBN 0-7643-2237-0)

Fenimore, Donald L. The Antique Hunter's Guide: American Silver & Pewter. Revised by Elizabeth Von Habsburg. 
New York: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.  2000. (ISBN 1-57912-144-6)       

Flynt, Henry N. and Fales, Martha Gandy. The Heritage Foundation Collection of Silver.
Old Deerfield: The Heritage Foundation. 1968. (Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 67-26102)

Forrest, Tim. The Bulfinch Anatomy of Antique China & Silver
Boston: Little, Brown and Company.  1998.  (ISBN 0-8212-2505-7)

Glanville, Philippa. Silver History & Design
New York: Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated. 1997 (ISBN 0-8109-4471-5)

Hogan, Edmond P. An American Heritage: A Book About the International Silver Company.
Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company. 1977. (Library of Congress Catalogue #77-89112)

A history of the International Silver Company.  The author began working as an office boy with the Meriden Britannia Company in 1918 and continued working until his retirement in 1963 when he was Director of Advertising for of the International Silver Company.  A must have book for the serious collector of American Victorian Silverplate.

Hood, Graham. American Silver: A History of Style 1650 - 1900.
New York: Praeger Publishers. 1971. (Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 77-124854) (ISBN 0525482172)

Hughes, Bernard G. Small Antique Silverware.
New York: Bramhall House. 1957.

Kovel, Ralph and Kovel, Terry. Kovels' American Silver Marks: 1650 to the Present
New York: Crown Publishers. 1989. (ISBN 0-517-56882-9)

Kovel, Ralph and Kovel, Terry. Know Your Antiques.
New York:Crown Publishers, Inc. 1967.

May, Earl Chapin. Century of Silver 1847 - 1947, Connecticut Yankees and a Noble Metal.
New York Robert M McBride & Company. 1947

McClinton, Katharine Morrison, Collecting American 19th Century Silver.
New York: Bonanza Books. 1968 (ISBN-10: 0517106795)

Miller, Judith and Martin. Miller’s Understanding Antiques: New Edition.
London: Octopus Publishing Group. 1997. (ISBN 1-85732-857-4)

Newman, Harold. An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware.
New York: Thames & Hudson, Inc. 1987 (ISBN 0-500-28196-3)

Osterberg, Richard. Silver Hollowware for Dining Elegance
Atglen: Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 1996. (ISBN 0-88740-955-5)

Pearsall, Ronald. A Connoisseur's Guide to Antique Silver.
New York: Smithmark Publishers. 1997. (ISBN 0-7651-9236-5)
Beautiful full color, full page, pictures of antique silver pieces (great picture book).
Useful guide to identifying periods and styles for novice collectors.
Superficial history of silver in England and America.

Pickford, Ian. Starting to Collect Series: Antique Silver.
Suffolk: Antique Collectors Club Ltd. 1998. (ISBN 1-85149-244-5)

Rainwater, Dorothy and Felger Donna. American Silverplate, 3rd Edition.
Atglen: Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2000 (ISBN 0-7643-0901-3)

Spillman, Jane Shadel. Glass Tableware, Bowls & Vases.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1982. (ISBN 0-394-71272-2)

Turner, Noel D. American Silver Flatware 1837-1910.
New York: A.S.Barnes and Company, 1972. (ISBN 498-06580-4)

Van Tassel, Valentine. American Glass.
New York: Gramercy Publishing Company. 1950

Venable, Charles L. Silver in America 1840-1940, A Century of Splendor.
New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1995. (ISBN 0-08109-3199-0)

Wyler, Seymour B. The Book of Old Silver
New York: Crown Publishers, Inc. 1937 (ISBN0-517-00089-X)

Guide to Old Silver and Old Sheffield Plate.  Comprehensive table of hallmarks.  This book includes the hallmarks for English, Scottish, and Irish Plate.  Sheffield, American, French, German and other European Countries Hallmarks are included as well.

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