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Silver Restoration

The key to restoration is finding a gifted silversmith who is able to fabricate missing parts and repair dents, legs and mounts such that the piece is restored to its original condition.. Silver Restoration ...


Terms and definitions relating to silver antiques. What you need to know. Glossary ...

Our Library

Books and Resources we have used and found useful related to Silver Antiques. Our Library ...

Caring for Silver

Hand polishing with a non-abrasive silver polish is always best for your antique silver. Hand polishing will remove tarnish without removing the patina. If tarnish is not removed periodically it will completely discolor the original silver, turning it dark. This is true for all silver whether it's coin silver, Sheffield, silver plate, nickel silver, or sterling silver. Silver Care ...

Weight Conversion

In 1527, Henry VIII made the troy system official for coinage; thereafter silver shillings weighed exactly 0.6 troy ounce. Troy weights continued in common use in pharmacy and monetary affairs into the early twentieth century.  However, it was abolished in 1878 to avoid any commercial confusion with the avoirdupois pound (16 ounces = 1 lb.). The troy system is practically obsolete today, but the prices of precious metals are still quoted by the troy ounce.

1 Avoirdupois pound = 14.58 Troy ounces
1 Avoirdupois ounce = .9115 Troy ounce

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