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Silver Restoration

We have many of our pieces restored before offering them for sale.  Replating silverplated items is simply returning them to their original condition and only adds to their value.  Silverplate pieces were designed using base metals that accommodate replating. Through restoration the history of our country and the artistry of master silversmiths are passed on to future generations. The key to restoration is finding a gifted silversmith who is able to fabricate missing parts and repair dents, legs and mounts such that the piece is restored to its original condition.

Although a newly replated piece will not have the patina that develops over time from daily use, this will return with time.  A fully restored piece will not only be a historical treasure, it will be something proudly displayed and used.  The last thing anyone wants are pieces that look so worn-out that they would not want them sitting in a place of prominence. 

Inscriptions and monograms are often found on pieces. “Should they be removed or kept” is a question often asked by collectors. These engravings provide information about an object’s history. If there is a name, we attempt to research the individual to find out their place in history. Monograms are a different matter; generally we remove monograms, and return the piece to its original state. Inscriptions are kept as they are a snap shot of the American culture at the time of its creation, the occasion of it presentation, and add character to the piece.

Restoration is an expensive labor-intensive process requiring the expertise of a skilled craftsmen and artisans. The cost of restoring a piece can easily exceed what one could hope to recoup in a resale.  So, if you are not restoring a historical piece for your own collection or as a showpiece, be cognitive of market values.  Currently we work with:

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