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Victorian Silver Plated Soup Tureen

A tureen is used for serving foods such as soups and stews.  Its form is often shaped as a broad, deep, oval, or circular bowl with fixed handles and a low domed cover. Over the centuries tureens have taken different forms. Large animal presentation tureens such at the one illustrated were made briefly in the 1870s.

The tureen's history can be traced to the use of large eating bowls, later referred to as a communal bowls from which meals were served.  During the reign of Louis XIV, tureens evolved from the simple, practical serving pieces into one of the most richly ornamented centerpieces of formal dining. It was during this period that the practice of serving all dishes at once transitioned to the introduction of separate courses.  Each entrée emerged from the kitchen as entering to much anticipation. Soup remained the first course of most meals, from the king's table to the peasant's abode.

Elaborate tureens of silver have become associated with the flamboyant excess of Rocco design. The practicalities of the metal were often forgotten.  Silver is hygienic, sterile, and when pre-warmed for food and sauces will retain heat. Retaining heat was important when the food dishes were brought form a distant kitchen and set down on the table prior to diners sitting down.

This stunning Victorian Period silver-plated soup tureen is a show-stopper on any buffet table. The tureen stands 11 1/2" high to the top of the deer's antlers and 13" wide nose to nose. The lid rests on a Greek Key design collar which tops the body of bowl. The lid has a cut-out for the ladle to rest, and is decorated with elaborate swirling engraving.  A realistic reclining deer rests on top. The lid fits well.

The silver is textured on the deer heads serving as the handles and on the on four tall realistic deer legs which support the body. The body is beautifully engraved with swirling designs on each side. The cartouche on one side of the body is engraved with initials and the dated Feb. 5, 1873. 

There is no silver manufacturer's mark.  The overall condition is exceptional. We have replated this piece.  

This piece is part of our permanent collection. Last valued at over $950.00

SFTT-145-465-20-08-093            31.54 oz(troy)    34.60 oz(advp)

Currently Not For Sale

Five Piece Tea Service

This five piece tea service was produced by the Wilcox Silver Plate Company, organized in 1865. The set is stamped quadruple plate, a term seldom used after 1912. Long flaring legs were popular in the 1870s and disappeared from designs in the 1890s.

This coffee and tea service (143) consists of five pieces. Tea Pot 45.35 oz (advp) 41.33 oz (troy); Coffee Pot 91.15 oz (advp) 83.08 (troy); Covered Sugar 17.00 oz (advp) 15.50 oz (troy); Covered Creamer 17.00 oz (advp) 15.50 oz (troy); Waste Bowl 19.50 oz (advp) 17.75 oz (troy).

The legs are made from multiple casting speaking of the quality and craftsmanship that went into this set, notice the detail in the design. The bright cut engraving is very elaborate. The artistry of design is further evident in the spouts and handles. Also take note of the high flaring collars about the rims.

This piece is part of our permanent collection.  Last valued at over $2,575.00

SFTC-250-842-20-03-053          14.516 oz (troy)   11.949 oz (advp)

Currently Not For Sale

Soup Tureen

This exquisite soup tureen appears on the cover of “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers”, 4th edition by Revised by Dorothy T. Rainwater & Judy Redfield. Featuring massive bull handles and a cala lily on the lid, this piece is representative of the giant animal pieces produced briefly in the 1870s.

Approximately 12 inches in height and 15 inches long, this piece massive piece weighs in 6 lbs, 1.6 ounce.  The legs are hooves and the floral design ties complete the piece. 

This piece is part of our permanent collection.  Last valued at over $1,600.00

SFTT-400-378-20-03-024       88.96 oz (troy)   97.6 oz (advp)

Currently Not For Sale

Kettle on a Stand

This kettle on a stand, circa 1900, was produced by the Barbour Silver Company.

The kettle is elaborately engraved with a floral design. The bottom also bears a stamp “5727” and “BSCEP” (Barbour Silver Company Extra Electroplate). The ebony handle stylishly tops this piece.  When the kettle is on the stand it is 12.5 inches tall. The kettle on its own is 8.0 inches tall and 9.0 inches wide from spout to handle. The stand is decorated with a fruit motif.  The burner (minus wick) is in excellent condition. 

This piece is part of our permanent collection.  Last valued at over $750.00

SFTC-250-366-20-03-026           57.65 oz (troy)   63.30 oz (advp)

Currently Not For Sale

Butter Dish with Hanging Cover

This butter dish with hanging cover was made by the Meriden Britannia Company.  In 1896 Meriden ceased stamping their wares “Quadruple” plate, which dates this piece to from the early to mid 1880s. 

There are three pieces the stand, the dome, and the platform. Stick butter was not created until 1907 and butter was sold in bulk form and place on ice for serving, the platform allowed melted ice to drain. The knife holder is solidly attached.  The intricate floral pattern on the foot matches the band on the dome.  The dome has a bright cut floral pattern. 

It is a lovely piece standing 13 inches tall.  The diameter of the dish is approximately 6 ½ inches and the knife holder adds an additional ¾ inch its width. We have replated this piece. 

This piece is part of our permanent collection.  Last valued at over $350.00

SFTT-30-167-20-04-027          25.15 oz (troy)    27.60 oz (advp)

Currently Not For Sale

Victorian Tusk Cornocopia c. 1890's

This is a one-of-a kind horn bodied compote. On the bottom of the base is stamped Joseph Rodgers and Sons, Sheffield, EP, and 2821.

We have added a glass dish to complete this piece. The hand blown piece is perfectly formed to fit to the top rippled bowl.

The oval base measures 5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. The base sits on four short, ornate cast legs. This piece stands 10 inches tall. Circa 1890s.

This piece is part of our permanent collection.  Last valued at over $800.00

SFCP-125-311-20-03-033          31.65 oz (troy)    34.75oz (advp)

Currently Not For Sale

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