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Silver Companies

Background of some of the top Silver Companies in History


Gorham Chronology

Jabez Gorham: February 18, 1792 to March 24, 1869

Jabez was a 5th generation New Englander who traced his origins to John Gorham.  John Groham had been born in Benefield, England in 1621.  He immigrated to America around 1640 and married Desire Howland whose parents had arrived in on the Mayflower.

Jabex was one of 8 children.  At age 14 (1806) he became apprenticed to Nehamiah Dodge of Providence, Rhode Island.

1806 - 1883 Jabez Gorham was apprenticed to Neremiah Dodge. The traditional craft apprenticeships were seven years.  These craft apprenticeships began dissapparing in 1860s.

1813-1818 Worked in partnership with Christopher Burr, William Hadwin, George C. Clark, and Henry Mumford in Providence, Rhode Island.

1818-1831 Worked alone as "Jabez Gorham Jeweler"

1831 He began producing coin silver spoons.

1831-1837 Gorham & Webster, Providence, Rhode Island, (Henry L. Webster)

1837-1841 Gorham, Webster, & Price (William G. Price)

1841-1850 Jabez Gorham and Son.  (Son: John) Henry Gorham, a cousin was part of the firm.

1848-1865 Gorham Lion faces left

1850 Production of holloware began.

1850-1852 Gorham & Thurber ( Son: John Gorham and Gorham Thruber who was a cousin)

1852-1863 Name of company changed to Gorham and Company.  Lewis, Dexter, Jr. another cousin joined the firm.

1860-1891 George Wilkinson (1819-1894) was Chief Designer

1863 Name of the company changed to Gorham Manufacturing Company.

1865 Gorham began electroplating holloware.
         Gorham Lion faces right

1868 Gorham adopted the sterling standard.

1868-1877 Thomas Pairpoint joined Gorham Manufacturing as a desinger.

1869 Gorham adopted a system of date marks for sterling silver.

1878 John Gorham retired.

1891-1914 William C. Codman was Chief Designer

1897 Introduction of Martele' (hammered) style
          1897                 .925 fine silver used
          1898 - 1904      .950 fine silver used
          1905 - 1912      .9584 fine silver used
1914 - William C. Codman, Jr. was Chief Designer


Pattern numbers:
   If first digit is a "0" item is electroplated
   If first digit is a "A" item is sterling

In 19th century Gorham often used an anchor and shield on electroplated items.

Gorham pieces were date marked 1868 - 1959.

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International Silver

International Silver Co. 1898 - 1984
  Chronology of INSCO Firms (Founding Dates)

Meriden Britannia Company 1852 - 1898         (Meriden means "a pleasant valley")
Formed by:

H.C. Wilcox & Co. (1848)
    Horace and Dennis Wilcox
    Horace was Corporate Secretary & Treasurer
I (Isaac). C. Lewis & Co.
    I.C. Lewis was President
James A. Frary & Co.
    James A. Frary
Curtis & Lyman
    Lemuel J. Curtis
    William Lyman
John Munson
Samuel Simpson joined 1854
Rogers, Smith & Company (1857) added 1883
Forbes Silver Co. organized by in (1894)
Wilcox & Evertsen (1892) added 1896
Hall, Elton & Co. (1837)

International Silver Co. 1898 - 1984               
Meriden Britannia Co. (1852)
Rogers & Brother MFG Co. (1852)
William Rogers MFG Co. (1865)
Wilcox Silver Plate Co. (1865)
Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. (1866)
Simpson Nickel Silver Co. (1871)
Meriden Silver Plate Co. (1869)
Middleton Plate Co. (1864) added 1899
Rogers Cutlery Co. (1871)
Derby Silver Co. (1873)
Manhattan Silver Plate Co. (1877)
Holmes & Edward Silver Co. (1882)
Rogers & Hamilton Co, (1886)
Norwich Cutlery Co. (1890)
Barbour Silver Co. (1892)
Forbes Silver Co. (1894)
Watrous Mfg. Co. (1896)

C. Rogers & Brothers (1866) added 1903
E. G. Webster & Son (1859) added 1928
La Pierre Mfg. Co. (1895) added 1929
American Silver Co. (1901) added 1935

1946 Purchased hotel business of Gorham Co.

1954 Purchased the hotel line of plated flatware of R. Wallace & Sons

Maltby, Stevens & Curtis (1879) purchased by  
     Watrous Mfg. Co. 1896
Hartford Silver Plate Co. (1882) acquired by
      Barbour Silver Co. 1893

Meriden Britannia Co., LTD at Hamilton, Ontario in 1879  
    Incorporated 1879
Sold to Heritage Siversmith in 1972

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Rogers Silver Enterprises Chronology

James Rogers (1625 - 1687)
Immigrated from England in 1635 on ship Increase.  Settled in New London, Connecticut. Had 8 children by wife Elizabeth Rowland; 6 boys, Samuel, Joseph, John, James and Jonathan, and two daughters were Bathsheba and Elizabeth.

Samuel Rogers (1640-1713)
He married Elizabeth Stanton in new London CT in 1662. They had 10 children; 4 boys,  Jonathan, Samuel, Joseph, and Daniel, and 6 girls, Ann, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Ann Mary.

Daniel Rogers (1678 - 1713)
Had 5 children, 3 boys, Daniel, Alpheus, and Thomas, and 2 girls, Mary and Grace.

Alpheus Rogers (1710 -1779)
Had 6 Children, 4 boys, Jehial, Alpheus, Asa, and James, and 2 girls, Sarah and Grace.

Asa Rogers (Born 19 Feb 1756, Death 07 Dec 1824)
Had 12 children including
           William Hazen Rogers (1801 - 1873)
           Asa Harris Rogers (1806 - 1876)
                A.K.A.  Asa Rogers, Jr
           Simeon Smith Rogers (1812 -1874)
           George Washington Rogers (1803 -
William Hazen Rogers (Born 13 May 1801, Death 17 February 1873)
            William Henry Rogers (1832 (6?)- 1896)
                A.K.A.  William Rogers, Jr
             Frank Wilson Rogers (1851 -)
                A.K.A.  F. Wilson Rogers

Asa Harris Rogers (Born 3 September 1806, Death 1876)
            Aka Asa Rogers, Jr.

Simeon Smith Rogers (1812 - 1874)


Asa Sr. had 12 children.  The three sons of interest in our study are Willaim Hazen, Asa Harris, and Simeon Smith Rogers.  All were born on family farm in Hartford Connecticut.  Not wanting to pursue life as farmers, they turned their engeries to becoming silversmiths.  William the oldest of the three became apprenticed to Joseph Church in 1820.

In 1825 William Hazen was made a partner and the firm became known as Church and Rogers (1825 - 1836). Asa, Jr. joined the firm next, and finally Simeon Smith Rogers joined.   

From 1825 - 1841 William Hazen Rogers continued to make and stamp spoons with his individual mark: (Eagle) WM Rogers (Star).

In 1830 Asa, Jr formed a partnership with John A, Cole in New Britian.  The partnership was called Rogers and Cole (1830 - 1832).  John A Cole retired in 1832 and the firm's name changed to Asa Rogers, Jr. & Co. with William Hazen Rogers as a partner.

In 1836 William Hazen Rogers left Church and Rogers to start his own firm William Rogers (1836 - 1841) In 1841 Simeon became a partner and firm's name changed to William Rogers and Company (1841- 1855). Simeon Smith Rogers left the firm in 1855 and William Hazen Rogers continued working alone.

From 1843-1845 Asa Rogers, Jr. worked alone as Asa Harris Rogers in Hartford.

In 1845 Asa, Sr. Died.

In 1845 William B. Cowles and Asa Rogers, Jr. , et al,  organized the Cowles Mfg. Co.(1845 -1846).

In 1845 William Hazen Rogers and Asa Rogers, Jr, and John O. Mead formed the partnership Rogers and Mead, (1845 -1846).

In 1847 Rogers Brothers was established. Asa, Jr., William Hazen, and Simeon Smith Rogers. (1847-1853).

In 1853 Rogers Brothers Manufacturing Company succeeded Rogers Brothers. William Hazen was President,  Simeon was only a shareholder. Asa Jr., William Hazen, and Simeon Rogers. (1853-1861) Consolidated with Rogers, Smith and Company in 1861. William H. Rogers, Jr. became a Director in 1858.

Although the partnership of William Rogers & Company was dissolved 1n 1855, William Hazen Rogers continued operating the jewelry store. In 1866  William Henry Rogers son of William Hazen Rogers joined his father as a partner to form William Rogers & Son. (1866 -).

In 1857 Rogers, Smith & Co. William Hazen Rogers with George W. Smith organized this firm in 1857.  It was consolidated with Rogers Brothers Manufacturing Company in 1861.  Became part of the Meriden Britannia Co. in 1883. Became part of the International Silver Company in 1898.

In 1858 Rogers and Brother was formed by Asa, Jr and Simeon Rogers, et al. (1858-1898).  Became one of the founding companies of the International Silver Co in 1898.  Asa, Jr. and Simeon Rogers left the firm in 1886.
Beginning in 1862 some of the Roger Brothers firms became part of the Meriden Britannia Company which later became a founding company of the International Silver Company in 1898.

In 1865 William Rogers Manfacturing Company was formed. William Hazen Rogers and William H. Rogers, Jr., et al. It became one of the founding companies of the International Silver Co. in 1898.  Produced for Meriden Britannia Company from 1868 until 1878. From 1878 to 1893 produced for Simpson, Hall, Miller, and company.  Was one of the founding companies of the International Silver Company in 1898.

In 1871 Rogers Cutlery Company was organized by Asa Rogers, Jr. and his nephew William H. WatrousFrank Wilson Rogers was a Director in the firm. This company consolidated with William Rogers Manufacturing Company in 1879.  It was one of the founding companies of the International Silver Company in 1898. 


James Rogers (1625 - 1687) *See above

Samuel Rogers (1640-1713) *See above
He married Elizabeth Stanton in New London CT in 1662. They had 10 children; 4 boys,  Jonathan(1680 - ), Samuel(1669- ), Joseph(1670), and Daniel (1667 - 1772 ), and 6 girls, Ann, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Ann Mary.

John Tanner (1715-1783) was Master to apprentices Joseph Rogers (1753-1825) and Daniel Rogers(1753-1792).

In 1866 C. Rogers & Brothers (1866 -1903) Cephas B., Gilbert H. and Wilbur Rogers.  When taken over by International Silver Company in 1903 all paterns with their trademark were dropped.  These brothers in no way were related to the original Rogers Brothers.

n 1883  F.B. Rogers Silver Co., was founded in Shelburne, Massachusetts. It became a division of the National Silver Co., in 1955.  Bought by Towle in 1980s. 

In 1866 Rogers & Hamilton Co. was incorporated. Charles A. Hamilton was founder.  He was the son of David B, Hamilton, President of of Rogers & Brother. It consolidated with Rogers and Brother in 1898 and becoming part of the International Silver Company.

In 1896 Rogers Silver Plate Co. (1896-1922) Danbury, Connecticut was founded by Nathanial Burton Rogers, President, and brothers Cephas B.,  and Gilbert H Rogers.

In 1900 Simeon L & George H Rogers Co. in business in Hartford Connecticut. It was taken over by Wm. A. Rogers Limited in 1918 and finally by Oneida in 1929. Simeon L. and George H Rogers were sons of Simeon S. Rogers, who was son of Asa Rogers.


Church and Rogers (1825-1836) William Hazen, Asa, Jr., and Simeon Smith
Rogers and Cole (1830-1832) Asa, Jr.
Asa Rogers, Jr. & Co. (1832-1834) Asa Jr. and William Hazen
William Rogers (1836-1841) William Hazen Rogers working alone
William Rogers and Company (1841-1855) William Hazen and Simeon Smith
William Rogers (1855) William Hazen Rogers working alone
Asa Harris Rogers (1843 -1845) Asa Rogers, Jr. working alone
Cowles Manufacturing Company (1845-1846) Asa, Jr.
Rogers and Mead (1845-1846) William Hazen Rogers, Asa Rogers, Jr.
Rogers Brothers (1847-1853) William Hazen, Asa, Jr. and Simeon Rogers
Rogers Brothers Manufacturing Company (1853-1861) William Hazen, Asa, Jr.,   
    and Simeon Rogers, William H. Rogers, Jr.
William Rogers & Son (1866-) William Hazen and William Henry Rogers.
Rogers, Smith & Co. (1857-1898) William Hazen Rogers
Rogers and Brother (1858-1898) Asa. Jr, and Simeon Rogers
William Rogers Manfacturing Company (1865-1898) William Hazen and William H. Jr, Rogers
Rogers Cutlery Company (1871-1898) Asa. Jr. and Frank Wilson Rogers.


William A. Rogers, 1880s, was no relations to the Rogers Brothers but capitalized on his name. 

Walter Fulton Rogers: Walter Fulton changed his name legally to Walter Fulton Rogers in 1900.  He used the trademark W. F. Rogers.  He incorporated in William A Rogers, Ltd.  In 1918 he took over the Simeon L. and George H. Rogers Company.  In 1929 the copined Corporation of William A Rogers, Ltd and Simon L and George H. Rogers Company to Oneida. 

C. Rogers & Brother no connection to the orginal Rogers brothers. This firm closed in 1903. 

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Wallace Chronology

Robert Wallace: November 13, 1813 to June 1, 1892

Sons:  Robert B, William J., George H., Frank A.
Daughter: Nettie A,

W. J. Leavenworth husband of Nettie was involved in several Wallace enterprises. Nettie and W. J. Leavenworth had a son,  C. W. Leavenworth who also became a part of the Wallace businesses.

James Wallace was an immigrant from Edinburgh, Scotland. His son James, married Urania Williams.  Their son, Robert Wallace, was born November 13, 1813.  Robert Wallace sons included: Robert B., William J., George H., and Frank A. Wallace.  He had a least one daughter who married W. J. Leavenworth who became active in various silver concerns.

At 16, Robert Wallace became an apprentice to Captain William Mix, a respected spoon maker working for the Meriden Britannia Co. After two years, at age 18, in old grist mill Robert began manufacturing spoons in and about the Wallingford area. While on a trip to New York, he discovered a piece of flatware produced by Dixon and Sons of Sheffield England. It was made of a nickel alloy.  He investigated and acquired the formula for this new metal known as "German Silver".  Having obtained the formula (for $20.00), he became the first silversmith in America to produce spoons with this new material.

In June of 1835 he acquired a small building outside of Wallingford and set up shop and worked under his own name, Robert Wallace

In 1855 he and Samuel Simpson formed a partnership, R. Wallace & Company. (1855-1865).

Later in 1855, H.C. Wilocx, W.W. Lyman, and Isaac. C. Lewis joined the firm. In 1865, this enterprise became incorporated as Wallace, Simpson and Company. In 1871 he bought out Mr. Simpson's interest and brought in his two sons (Robert B. & William J) as partners. The new name R. Wallace & Sons Manufacturing

In 1871, his sons formed a new company. The new company, Wallace Brothers, produced Silverplate flatware on a base of stainless steel. Around 1879, Wallace Brothers merged with R. Wallace and Sons Mfg. Co. The company continued to grow.

By 1955, R. Wallace and Sons Mfg. Co. had acquired and merged with a number of smaller firms including Tuttle Silver, Smith and Smith, and The Watson Co.

In 1956, R. Wallace and Sons Mfg. Co. relocated to the Watson Co.’s Wallingford, Massachusetts factory. Following relocation, its name changed to Wallace Silversmiths.


Robert Wallace 1935 - 1955
Robert Wallace and Company 1955 - 1865
Wallace, Simpson and Company 1865 - 1871
R. Wallace & Sons Manufacturing 1871 - 1956
Wallace Brothers 1871 - 1879
 (merged with R. Wallace & Sons Manufacturing)
Wallace Silversmiths 1956 -

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E.G. Webster & Son
1865-1866   E.G. Webster & Brother
1867-1874   Webster Manufacturing Company
1865-1866   E.G. Webster & Brother
1865-1866   E.G. Webster & Son

F. Curtis and Co.
1848 1858   Formed by Frederic and Joseph Curtis

Holmes and Tuttle MFG. Co.
   Organized by Israel Holmes (1800-1874)
1851-1857   Holmes & Tuttle Mfg. Co.
                     Israel Holmes 1800-1874
1857-1901   Bristol Brass & Clock Co.
1901-1935   American Silver Co.

William Holmes
1852-1855   William Holmes (1816-1883)
1853-1854   Robert Holmes & Sons
    Robert son of William
1877-1890   Holmes Bros. & Co.
1886-           Holmes Nickel Plate Co.
1894-1895   Robert Holmes
1895-1896   Holmes Plating Works
1896-1940   Holmes & Sons

Samuel Kirk
1815-1846   Samuel Kirk
1846-1861   Samual Kirk & Son
1861-1868   Samual Kirk & Sons
1868-1896   Samual Kirk & Son
1896-1924   Samual Kirk & Son Co.
1924-1979   Samual Kirk & Son, Inc.
1979-           Kirk-Stieff Co.

Liberty & Co
1875   Arthur Lasenby Liberty (1843-1917) opened a small shop in London, UK as an importer
1899   Began producing their own silverwares
           Archibald Knox began designing for the firm
1912   Archibald Knox left the firm

Meriden Britannia Company
1852-1898   Meriden Britannia Company
1897-           Founding member of International Silver
1867            NS holloware ''0" + pattern no. = electroplated
1893            NS holloware "00" + pattern no = WM mounts
1896            'Quadruple Plate" marking discontinued

Oneida Silversmiths
1880     Oneida Community Limited
1929     Purchased William A. Rogers, Ltd
             Purchased 1881 Rogers
             Purchased Simeon L. & George H. Rogers Co.
             Aquired Heirloom trademark
1935     Name changed - Oneida, Ltd.
1926     Began producing silverplated holloware
1965     Added symbol "tessera hospitalis"

Reed & Barton
1824-1827   Babbit & Crossman
1827-1829   Babbit, Crosman, &Co.
1829-1830   Crossman, West, & Leonard
1830-1837   Taunton Britannia Manufacturing Co.
1837-1840   Leonard, Reed, & Barton
1840-1888   Reed & Barton
1887-           Reed & Barton Inc.
      Year Marks Available 1928 - 1957

1892-1904   Baltimore Sterling Silver Company
1904-1979   The Stieff Company
1979-           Kirk-Stieff Company

1837-1841   Tiffany & Young
1848-1853   Tiffany, Young, & Ellis
1853-1868   Tiffany and Company
1868-           Tiffany and Company, Inc.
    Electroplating 1870-1931
Tiffany can be dated by letter code 1861-1965

Towle Silversmiths
1855-1857   Anthony Towle
1857-1873   Towle & Jones
1873-1880   A.F. Towle & Son 1880-1882   A.F. Towle & Son Co., Inc.
1882-           Towle Manufacturing Co.
         1890 "T" enclosing a lion trademark
      A. Towle apprentice to J. Moulton IV until 1855

Tuttle Silver Company
1890-1915   Timothy Tuttle
1915-1922   Tuttle Silver Co.
1922-1955   Tuttle Silver Co. inc.
   Only sterling silver pieces
      Dated by initials of incumbent US President

1865-1870   Wallace, Simpson & Co.
1871-1956   R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co.
1875-1879   Wallace Brothers
1879            Aquired by R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co.

1870-           John Wanamaker

1865-1867   Wilcox Britannia Co.
1867-1961   Wilcox Silver Plate. Co.
1961-           Webster-Wilcox
        "Half circle" trademark was first used in 1921

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