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Tea Pot Shapes

Coffee Pot  "7" may be stamped on bottom of the piece
Tea Pot "6" may be stamped on the bottom of the piece
Hot Water Pot "5" may be stamped on the bottom of the piece
    7, 6, & 5 indicate capacity in half-pints,
Sugar Bowel
Waste Bowel

Plated tea and coffee pots made before 1850 have carved wooden handles, usually of maple dyed black to simulate ebony.
Metal-handled tea and coffee pots with small mother-of-pearl insulators date between 1850 and 1870..

Drum-shape, cylindrical shape, slightly wider base 1770 - 1790
Cape tea pot, oval, rim curves upward & out from spout 1790s
Oblong, classic oil lamp form early 1800s
Ball feet, ivory insulators on silver handles appear early 1800s
Melon shaped 1825- 1850
Pear and inverted pear shaped, ivory insulators 1830 - 1840s
Footed, Urn/vase shaped, high domes 1850s - 1860s
Heavy round-shaped with straight cylindrical necks
Squared handles, flaring collars, long legs 1870s
Ball (Bullet) shaped, tapering sides 1870s,
Straight sides, spouts tall with only a slight curve 1870-1900
Squat shaped, sitting on low rims 1880s
Straight tapering sides 1880s
Significant difference in size of coffee versus teapots 1880s
Squat shaped resting on short legs or rims 1890s
Queen Anne Style late 1800s  - early 1900s
    Slightly bulbous oval with lobed lower half
Pump (self-pouring) coffee & teapots 1988 - 1895
Art Nouveau with flowing lines 1890 - 1915
Cube tea pots appeared 1920s
Stepform style (skyscraper): tall vertical sides 1920 - 1930
Form of cars, planes, and boats 1930s
Stream Lining: parallel lines and stripes 1930 - 1940
Taperform: Trapezoidal blocks, stars, crowns, bezels 1940 -1950

The spout on tea pots was usually in the middle or just slightly below the widest point of the design
Coffee and chocolate pots are taller than tea pots to keep the spout above the sediment
Complete tea sets with sugar and creamers 1780s
Coffee pots added to the service in 1790s

Bachelor's coffee pot 15cm high, makes enough for one person
Bachelor's tea pot 11cm high, makes enough for one person

Early Classical Period Tea Sets 1776 -1812

Boston: applied reeded moldings, bright-cut borders, oval wreaths, slim drum shaped, concave shoulders

Philadelphia: galleried rims, small fine beading, broad drum shaped, convex shoulders, rococo cartouches

New York: Bright-cut bands at top/base, foliated shields, swags, pineapple finials, draped ermine form of cartouche, boat shaped, narrow foot ring

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